Welcome to Promo Pouch (2005) Inc.
5676 Dorset Street
Burnaby, BC V5J 1L7
Phone: (604) 433-3304
Fax: (604) 433-3305
Email: promop@shaw.ca
We design and manufacture the Perma Pouch line of leather tool belts and pouches. Located in Burnaby, B.C., all our products are Canadian designed and produced. We sell wholesale to retail stores, outlets and industry clients throughout Canada and the southwestern US.
From this site you can access information about our products and provide feedback. This site is continually changing and we encourage your input. Feel free to comment on any of the posts.

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Promo Pouch (2005) Inc. is managed by Anna, the long time designer and manufacturer. If you are interested in purchasing our products wholesale, call us directly at 604-433-3304, or fax us at 604-433-3305 ,or send an email directly to Anna at promop@shaw.ca